July 3 to 8: Summer break (no classes)

April 21 & 22 - the Kenshikai Yudansha Gasshuku will take place in Kearny, NJ at the hombu dojo

April 7 - Sensei Caggiano will be hosting a seminar at his dojo in Collegeville, PA. No Saturday class as a result

March 29 - Sensei Kohler will be teaching a session for the University of Pittsburgh Budo class. No Thursday class as a result

















March 3 - Sensei Robert Teller will be hosting an Okinawan martial arts seminar in Pottstown, PA featuring himself, Sensei Ron Nix and Brandon Nix, Hanshi Luis Morales, Kyoshi Peter Polander, and Hanshi Peter Carbone. No Saturday class as a result


January 2 - This is the first class back for 2018


December 23 - This is the last class of 2017 and the annual dojo Christmas part at Dino's in Latrobe at 7pm


November 23 & 25 - The dojo will be closed for Thanksgiving
























October 14 We will be hosting Hanshi Luis Morales for a seminar on old style Okinawan karate principles and techniques. The time is 11am - 4pm and the cost is $75/person. Due to space we have to limit registration to the first 25 participants. 






















September 16-17 The annual North America Kenshikai gasshuku will take place in Kearny, NJ (no Saturday class as a result)

July 1 to 6 - Summer break (no classes)


June 18-21 Hokama Tetsuhiro Sensei will be visiting from Okinawa to conduct a weekend-long seminar in Kearny, NJ. The cost is $225 - please contact Sensei Kohler for more information







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