Jan. 3: Hatsu geiko (first class back after the New Year)

July 18 - 21: We are honored to host Hokama Tetsuhiro Sensei for an old style Okinawan karate & kobujutsu seminar. Due to space attendance is limited to 35 participants at each session - register online here

October 5-7: We will be hosting Hanshi Luis Morales for a weekend seminar covering the topics of Martial Science, tuidi jutsu, kyusho jutsu, and Sanchin principles

September 21-23: The annual North America Kenshikai Gasshuku will take place in Kearny, NJ

July 3-8: Summer break (no classes)

June 5-19: Sensei Kohler traveled to Okinawa for two weeks of training in Seidokan Shorin Ryu and Kenshikai Goju Ryu










2019 Announcements

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