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Our classes offer students the opportunity to train in the areas of:

  • karatejutsu - empty hand techniques consisting of chibudi (vital point manipulations) and tuidi (joint seizing and locks)
  • kobujutsu - "old way" weapons including botunfatanbosainunchakutechu, and others
  • modern weapons - firearms, knife, baton

Each class consists of junbi undo (warmup exercises), hojo undo (supplemental conditioning exercises), chiku  (breathing exercises), partner drills, kata (forms), and bunkai (application of techniques from forms).




Sensei Matt Kohler is the Head Instructor at the Torii Dojo and is ranked Hachidan (8th degree black belt). He has 33 years of experience and travels regularly to Okinawa to continue his training. He is a member of the Technical Committee of the Ryukoku Seidokan Karate Kobudo Renmei, a certified instructor for the International Martial Science Federation, holds a PhD from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a MAT from the University of Pittsburgh, a BS from the University of Pittsburgh, and has a Level II teaching certification with the state of Pennsylvania.


Sensei Ed Duga is one of the Senior Advisors to the Torii Dojo and is ranked Kyudan (9th degree black belt). After spending years in Okinawa in the 1960's and establishing the Torii Dojo in 1970, he still regularly attends class to add insight into students' learning. He was integral in the establishment of the USA Motobu Ryu Association and had the privilege of training under a veritable "Who's who" of Okinawan karate masters including Toma Shian Sensei and Uehara Seikichi Sensei. Sensei Luis Morales is the second Senior Advisor to the dojo and is ranked Judan (10th degree black belt). Sensei Morales has not only extensive background in Okinawa Goju Ryu and Hokama kobudo but is also one of the world's leading authorities in martial science principles.


We are affiliated with the Okinawan Seidokan Karate Kobudo Renmei (Shuri te lineage) under Tamae Shigemitsu Sensei and Sensei Ron Nix, and the Hokubei Kenshikai (Naha te lineage) under Hokama Tetsuhiro Sensei and Sensei Luis Morales.


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